Development and production of precision cutting tools at the highest level.


BFT Hartmetallwerkzeuge GmbH & CO KG was founded in 1987 by Mr. Günter Bröker with the vision of manufacturing precision cutting tools at the highest level and supplying the industry with high-quality, innovative products at fair prices. Striving for constant improvement in order to meet the requirements of our customers and, of course, our own standards, is one of the standards that drives us forward in the company.

The seal “Made in Germany” has stood for quality for a long time, and this applies to our carbide products in full. Carbide knives for cutting tables or plotters from Zünd, Roland, Aristo, AXYZ, Bullmer, Mimaki, Graphtec, Summa, Multicam, Esko Kongsberg, Ecocam, Kuris, Gerber, Mutoh, etc. are part of our product portfolio - just like special milling cutters for chip cards, engraving cutters, double-edged milling cutters, milling cutters with right or left twist.

Ultrasonic knifes for AGFM and Dukane or for CFK applications, Honeycomb range et cetera complete our wide standard offer. A further area of expertise are knives and milling cutters adapted to customer-specific requirements.
You have the a challenge, we have the solution.

Carbide knives with the geometry according to the respective requirement up to 330 mm are no problem.